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October Newsletter

Hello again and thanks for staying tuned!

Wow, fall came in and said, “I’m staying!” I love it! The chance to cozy up in a warm sweater, sit by a fire, or get back in those sweats we’ve missed! The smells of crisp air, the sounds of fall sports and marching bands, and the sights of beautiful reds and oranges. It just feels fresh and comforting. Am I weird for that? Probably! Who cares?!

Staying with that olfactory theme, the smells of fall baking like apples, pumpkin, fresh bread, stews and soups make my mouth water. Yummy. In the shop, fall also means we get our shipments of Thymes candles. You know that company that makes Frasier Fir candles? The ones that smell like the holidays in a jar? They are here and out on the floor! I’m not one to hurry the Christmas merchandise on the floor but I cannot resist these once they come in. Not only do we have the Frasier Fir scent, but we have Pumpkin and Simmered Cider scents. Honestly, the Simmered Cider smells like I could drink it. Come smell for yourself.

In other news, did you take advantage of Michelle’s spirit readings while she was here? If not, you can now get a quick reading with me! In my journey, I’ve come to a place where it’s time for me to step out and serve others. I would love to have the opportunity to practice and share messages with and for you. I would use a deck of Goddess oracle cards I’ve had for years and have benefited from their guidance time and again to help clarify the messages coming through. If you would like to help me practice, get some guidance, or are just curious, pop in and let’s see what these powerful women have to say! I’m there each Thursday 10-3. I’ll take walk-ins or call for an appointment.

Lastly, we’d like to welcome our newly moved neighbor, Puzzles Plus. Did you know they are a locally owned company? The store is chock full of cool puzzles and lots of games. To support each other, we will be doing a little reciprocal agreement with them. If you purchase from them, bring that same-day receipt into A&O and you’ll receive a 10% discount! Consigned items and wine are excluded. And, the same goes for them. They will honor a discount if you show them your same-day receipt from A&O. How cool is that?!

Have a fun and sassy day!



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