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March Newsletter

Hey Sassy Friends!

We made it... Spring is finally here! This is the time to renew, refresh and cleanse—Not just your home, but your soul. Eostre or Ostara, the Goddess of spring, dawn and fertility tells us that now is the time to act on our ideas and desires that have percolated all winter. Are there things you’ve always wanted to do or learn? Now is the time! Take that risk and step out. This will bring your greatest growth!

For myself, I am learning and discovering things I didn’t know were possible to tap into. I didn’t think I was worthy of this kind of connection. Boy, was I wrong. I’m only scratching the surface so far, but wow, what a world I’ve grown into! I continue to stretch in doing my oracle card readings by learning to listen better and gaining confidence in the varying ways information comes to me. On March 24, I will really stretch this by taking part in an event at Center for Spiritual Living where a group of us, New Horizons and The 5 Elements (sounds like a rock group, right?), will be holding an evening of spiritual experiences focused on healing, communication and connections. The event starts at 6PM and is $20 at the door, with part of the proceeds going to Mustang Journey. To learn more about this and future events, follow New Horizons on Facebook and TikTok. Maybe I’ll see you there!

On a separate note, I want to give a big shoutout to my staff. Recently, I was lucky enough to take a week’s vacation. My trust and confidence in this team’s ability to take care of the shop allowed me to leave my phone behind and take day trips without a worry. These ladies knew they could count on each other’s support to handle anything that came their way and always knew just what to do with very few issues. It was so nice to be able to be on vacation and actually be on vacation. Know what I mean? When I returned, I slipped right back into the rhythm and carried on smoothly. Thank you, Betty Anne, Carol, Eden and Alex!

Happy Ostara to you all,



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