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February Newsletter

Lordy, I’ve missed the whole month of January with you! So sorry. My brain kind of checked out after the holidays, and I had a hard time kicking it into gear! How was your holiday season? No matter how we celebrate or what we believe, I’m sure we have similar stories about family, food, and faith during the month of December. Next time you stop in the shop, it would be fun to swap those stories, don’t you think?

As I think about the new year, and do inventory counts, I consider what changes to make within the shop. I enjoy spending time “shopping” for new items that would be fun to have, fun to give, and most of all, fun to laugh with. I plan to try new things that I think are great, so it’s time to see if our ideas and sense of humor align!

In the meantime, and because I feel like February is the longest, shortest month of the year, I want to cut the mid-winter blues with a big blowout sale of 25% off all Hobo. Yep, all Hobo! Now, because you are reading this, you get first dibs on the inventory for the next 5 days before I announce this sale to the rest of the public on Feb 5. Cool, right? How often do you see this kind of sale on Hobo? Not often. This deal only lasts until February 13—just in time to treat yourself or a friend for Galentine’s Day—so come and get it online or in-store! Online code: NOBLUE23

Stay warm my friends and Happy Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day, or simply remind yourself that you are loved day. Recently, I was introduced to a quote that brought me to a moment of self-reflection. It asks, "if you were to list all the people you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?" That got me. It would be fairly far down the list, if I’m being honest. How about you? What are some ways we can nurture ourselves more? What are the messages you say to yourself that bring in self love? Be good to yourself. You’re the only you you’ve got.



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