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December Newsletter

Dear Friends of Sass,

I apologize for being late with this, but we just returned from Maine where we celebrated the retirement of a good friend from the Air Force/Air National Guard. His wife and I have been close friends, besties, since we were eight and nine years old. Believe me when I say that’s a long time! To say that we’ve been through a lot together is an understatement.

Reflecting on the weekend, my strongest takeaway is that love is enduring, unending, and nondiscriminatory. The love we feel for others comes about in many different scenarios. Whether it be the spark of that passionate partnership, deep friendship, or transformation from respect into love, we experience something that transcends a simple exchange of pleasantries with one another.

Col. Todd Nadeau & Treena

This weekend, I was privileged and honored to witness the love and respect this man has cultivated from and for so many in his world. The auditorium was standing room only for his official retirement ceremony (and when your little air base ceremony brings in at least 5 officers with stars on their shoulders, it says something). His accomplishments were tremendous. The stories told were touching. Most of all, I could see in everyone’s faces just how deeply they feel for this man, their leader.

Later, we all celebrated him again at a formal cocktail party. We got to dress up in our sparkling best and eat fancy bites of food! Can I tell you how much lobster I ate in one weekend? A lot! It was a wonderful party. I remember looking around and realizing that no matter where we start in life, we can always rise to the occasion of giving and receiving love. It costs nothing but pays in such big rewards. It’s the only thing we take with us in the end, so my goal is to gather and give to others as much as I can!

"No matter where we start in life, we can always rise to the occasion of giving and receiving love."

So, I end with reminding you of all the marketing phrases we hear this time of year about giving, receiving, hugging, laughing, and loving. We might feel like they are just used to sell stuff in the big machine of commerce but take a moment and think about why. To me, it’s because they are the things that matter most. We get what we give. The people in our lives are the reflection of who we are. I try to remember that so it keeps me in check with how much love I’m giving. I always want it back. And, boy, this weekend showed me I’m in a really great flow of it!

Now to the special for the month! If you shopped on Small Business Saturday, you were able to take advantage of the special that day. I enjoyed that special, too, so we are repeating it just for you. Spend $100 and receive 10% off your purchases, $200 for 20%, $300 for 30%. Shop the holiday sale online and in-store through the end of December. Use codes HOLIDAY10, HOLIDAY20 and HOLIDAY30 to receive your discount when shopping online. We will still have the exclusions for the local artist consignors. I want to stay very mindful of their work and what they deserve to be paid for it. Think of it as your way of giving to them.

I thank all of you for supporting my little shop. I truly enjoy getting to know you and seeing you enjoy the things I pick out! Have a wonderful holiday season and I wish you the most fantastically sassy new year!

With love for you all,



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